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Spinner Wheel is an online random wheel app to help decide upon making a choice

Spin the wheel or MULTIPLE wheels simultaneously. Create a custom wheel now using this free online decision generator tool.

Spinner Wheel is a wheel spinner to help decide upon making a random choice. Whether you need to spin the wheel for a random number generator, a wheel of names, a raffle generator, a wheel spinner for games or a simple yes or no wheel - Spinner Wheel has it covered.

This virtual wheel simulator is the first of its kind to let you create multiple custom-designed spinner wheels to use either independently or at the same time. This opens up a huge range of possibilities.

How to Make & Spin the Wheel 🌀

To achieve this, make a New wheel and edit the entries by adding your own. Use Design to give your spinner wheel page some personality and Save your wheel so that you can use it again later.

Use the Edit tab to insert images, any text such as names, numbers, percentages and emojis🔥. Teachers can spin the wheel to use as a random name picker for the classroom combined with a second wheel with a particular question.

You could spin a wheel to decide between job offers, what game to play or which movie to watch. The possibilities do not stop there, as spinner wheels are definitely more interesting when you use two or more...

MULTIPLE Wheel Spinner Functionality

What makes Spinner Wheel stand out from other spin wheel sites is the ability to add and save up to eight wheels on a page.

Click on the spinner wheel panel menu to create multiple wheels. Use Edit on the panel menu to fine-tune your settings on each wheel.

Let’s say that you wish to use one spinner wheel to decide what to eat for lunch and a second wheel to decide whether to eat in or take out the meal. On, you can create these and then simultaneously spin the wheel (or in this case, wheels) to arrive at your decision.

Another way that the multiple wheel functionality can be used is by creating a custom wheel of names to choose a person, then a second wheel to decide what that person will win (from a list of prizes) and then a third wheel to decide on a challenge that the person selected by the first wheel must complete in order to win that prize.

The custom spinner wheel possibilities are almost endless and you are even able to design the editable wheel with a background image and pictures (images) on each wheel.

What's more, this wheel spinner creator can be edited with custom audio by choosing from a selection of music and sound effects. This free spinner wheel generator system has been designed with the utmost flexibility in mind.

Popular Wheels

Dice Roller

Use the virtual dice roller to simulate 2 real-world dice being rolled. The dice can be rolled together by pressing 'Spin all' or individually by clicking on either die.

About Dice

These two dice are of 6 sided, most common type that are typically used with board games. They are often made from wood or plastic and thrown, either by hand or from a dice shaker, onto a surface. The numbers that are used are those that are facing upwards.

Tabletop pastimes where two dice from such a dice roller are used include popular games including Monopoly, Backgammon and Warhammer 40K.

Dice Rolling: What are the Probabilities for 2D6?

It's useful to know what your chances are of being successful on a dice roll using 2 six-sided dice (also known as 2D6). Here are the probability statistics that you need to know:

Chances of Rolling       Percentage 2 2.78% 3 5.56% 4 8.33% 5 11.11% 6 13.89% 7 16.67% 8 13.89% 9 11.11% 10 8.33% 11 5.56% 12 2.78%

So, your best chances are of rolling a seven. You are, in fact, six times more likely to roll it than the lower probabilities of 2 or 12. If you had to rely on a dice roll for any situation where you got to to choose the predicted outcome, it makes sense to opt for seven as the most likely choice to succeed. This would be followed by either six or eight, then five or nine, then four or ten, then three or eleven and finally two or twelve.

Naturally, these probabilities or odds are a guide and can not be relied upon. There is a very good chance, though, that the more two dice are rolled, these outcomes will be seen.

Other Rollable Dice

Of course, there are many dice that can be rolled for various different purposes in addition to the common 2D6. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, amount of faces, materials and even colours. 

Here are other dice that can be rolled here on